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Oct. 7th, 2010

Hey there lovely people,

Welcome to your regularly scheduled Sci-Fi Post!

A nice, easy one this week, so let's get to it...

1. The Friday Film this week is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which we'll be running in the Birt Acres Lecture Theatre, Bute Building, starting at 7pm. For those of you returning to the Society, you know where you're going, you can meet us there. For those of you who are new and don't know where you're going or what you're doing, we'll be meeting outside the FRONT of the Union from 6.30pm to leave at 6.45pm to walk you over to the Bute Building. Come along; share and enjoy! :D

2. The Scavenger Hunt is on this Saturday. A chance for anyone new to Cardiff to get to know the place. Meeting outside the FRONT of the Union at 11am, we'll be taking you around, showing you our city and all the geeky places you can go, as well as making a game of it! Can you spot the famous (and infamous) Jack Harkness?

3. The Monday Milgi Meeting on (shockingly) Monday at Milgi. If you know where you're going we'll meet you there from 7.30pm in the yurt, if not, we'll be meeting outside the BACK of the Union from 7pm, leaving at 7.15pm to walk people over to Milgi. This week is one of our relaxed weeks, so there won't be any silly games unless you really want there to be, just chatting, good drinks and geekery.

See, that wasn't so bad now was it? :) See you there!

Oct. 2nd, 2010

Welcome everyone!

Welcome, Freshers who we haven't properly met yet, and welcome too to those of you who've been here before! I'm so glad you've joined us, whether it's for the first time or the fourth year in a row. I hope you've got your listening trousers on because I'm about to tell you a great lot of stuff...

1. ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL! - TOMORROW NIGHT (Sat 2nd October) starting at 7.30pm from the Woodville Pub, which is on the corner of Woodville Road. (If you're not sure where that is, try looking it up on Googlemaps, it's close to the University, so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting there.) We should be there until at least 8, probably a little longer, so don't worry if you get lost, just call or text the society mobile for directions: 07961666997.

Basically the evening goes like this: Everyone gets dressed up as Zombies. We go stumbling across Cardiff dressed as Zombies startling folks and having a laugh, playing games and drinking (if we want to, it's not compulsory or anything) eventually ending up somewhere we can have a bit of a Zombie Boogie and generally a good time. For cheap and easy zombie attire I suggest going to Primark in town and getting something crappy and rippable. We'll have facepaint, but probably not fake blood, so you might want to drop in at one of the many (many) joke/fancy dress shops in the city centre and get some, but it's up to you. Either way, I hope I'll see you there!

2. Monday Milgi Meeting. The first of many. For those of you who know Cardiff, you should know City Road. Milgi is on the top end of City Road and we're there from 7.30pm onwards in the yurt out back. Just wander in at any point and say to one of the lovely guys or girls behind the counter that you're looking for Sci-Fi Soc and they'll direct you towards us. For those of you who don't know Cardiff we'll be meeting outside the BACK of the Union from 7pm, leaving at 7.15pm to walk people over to Milgi.

It's a cafe bar, and has lots of good drinks, both alcoholic and non (I personally love their chai lattes and Cat has a thing for the hot chocolate) and a brilliant atmosphere. This Monday we'll be paying silly games (the Post-it Game specifically) and learning each other's names and generally mucking about. I really hope I'll see you there, 'cause I understand that the Pub Crawl won't be everyone's thing, but Milgi is great and relaxed.

3. Friday Film. Also the first of many. For those of you returning to the Society, you know the drill, we'll be in the Bute Lecture Theatre, Bute Building from 7pm, you can meet us there. For those of you who are new and don't know where you're going or what you're doing, we'll be meeting outside the FRONT of the Union from 6.30pm to leave at 7pm to walk you over to the Bute building. To kick us off for the new term and the new year of Sci-Fi we've got The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Come along; share and enjoy! :D


This post is for people to comment on with any ideas they want to propose to the society. Primarily it's here to encourage people who have no livejournal account or people who still wish to remain anonymous to comment, but any suggestions and ideas will be open to discussion from this post. It will stay at the top of the page so it's easy to find.

Go forth and suggest things! :)

Freshers Fair & MMM

Freshers Fair is coming up soon, on Friday the 1st of October, so if you're around and available to help out please let us know. Setup starts at 9am and we clock off around 5pm. It's a long day, and nobody is expected to be around for all of it, so we'd like as many volunteers as possible so that I can work out a rotation for everyone.

If you can't spare an hour or two to help out, I hope you can spare 20 minutes or so to pop in, wander 'round and sign up with us and anyone else you want to sign up with. We should have some things of a confectionary nature for you to steal, so be on the lookout for our stall.

If you have anything you think would be good on the stall to entice people over we promise to take good care of it and return it to you in the condition it arrived with us. Please comment on this post with suggestions and ideas.

The Monday Milgi Metings will resume as of next Monday at 7.30pm. Come along if you want to meet up with some old friends before term starts and we have a whole lot of new names and faces to learn! Anyone reading this who's already in Cardiff and wants to come along to meet us before Freshers is welcome to do so. You're not the first new person to turn up ahead of time (that would be me) and you hopefully won't be the last. If you need directions to Milgi please comment on this post so we can help you out.
Thanks for introducing me to my imortal. I showed it to my friends. The only thing I have to compare it to is this.

Also, remeber I was telling you about the Venture Brothers?



In an effort to rejuvenise this Comm and get some kind of debate going I'm posting this and linking to it in the Society email.

We're considering organising a trip of some kind for the Society, funded (at least in part) from our budget. As I've said before, there aren't any cons happening until the summer and that's a bit too late really, so does anyone have any good ideas for things we can do?

Suggestions so far have been paintballing, laser tag, wacky warehouse for adults, the zoo and techniquest. If you have any better ideas or opinions please comment below.

If you don't have an lj, don't worry, I'm turning anonymous posting on, so all you need to do is put your name in the comment somewhere and then we'll know it's you!

If you have a definite idea for something we could do please leave a link to it. You can do that by copy/pasting the following bit of code, taking out just the full stops and replacing the appropriate bits. <.a href="url goes here">Text describing what the link is goes here<./a>

That's all for now guys, get to it!


P.S. (To comment just hit the 'Leave a Comment' button at the bottom-left of the post.)
Greetings Fellow Travellers...

This is probably the last email I'll be sending out before Christmas, so Merry Christmas, Nadolig Llawen and all those other holdiay food-type happinesses to you all.

1. There is NO Film this Friday, so don't go to the Birt Acres Lecture Theatre like usual because it will be CLOSED!

2. Our Christmas Meal has been booked (YAY!) courtesy of the lovely and wonderful Bex and is on Wednesday at 7.30pm in Cosmo at the bay. I'll see you there if you're going. It should be great! If you haven't emailed to let us know you're coming, please do, so we're sure we've booked enough seats!

3. Hoodies! Thanks to all those who have already emailed, thanks! To those who haven't and do want a hoodie, even if you don't know anything about it except that you want one, please email me, I need to know numbers, and I won't be ordering for definite until the New Year, so don't worry if you change your mind.

Happy Non-Denominational Winter Festival and a Merry Saturnalia Miracle for everyone. :D

Pornwood filming: This Weekend

Who is around and would be up for filming this weekend?
If you dont know what I'm talking about, pornwood is the Torchwood parody I do.

Anyone thats free please comment here and tell me when is good for you.
I was thinking about starting at 12 (but this may change) on the Saturday at mine, Amys and Michelles house, but I if ppl reply i can make up a roll call with more accurate times on it


Hello there, fellow enthusiasts of the Science-Fiction-y Variety...

Welcome to this week's newsletter!

1. This Friday's Film, is, like all the films, taking place at 6.30pm in the Birt Acres Lecture Theatre, in the Bute Building. We hope you know where you're going, because this week we're not swinging by the Union to pick up stragglers (unless you really, really need us to, in which case email me at this address or call the society phone number: 07907896015 to let me know, so we can schedule for it time-wise) and we also have a Mystery Film this week, which just means that hardly anyone was feeling Alien, so we've decided that each of us on the Exec will bring a film (the only reason it's the exec and not everyone is to avoid having 20 different films to choose between) and we'll vote beforehand on which one we want to watch. So far it looks like we'll be choosing between Little Shop of Horrors, Galaxy Quest, Sleepy Hollow and a few others... Who knows what we'll have to choose from on the night!

2. The Halloweeeeeeeeen Party is this Saturday, and will be taking place at 53 Merthyr Street (please look it up on GoogleMaps if you don't know where it is, it's easier than having us explain it to you) which is the home of Our Illustrious Leader; Cat, The Keeper of the Intertubes; Michelle, and Me; your Faithful Secretary. Costume is preferred, as it is Halloween, but not essential, but if you are NOT in costume you are unlikely to win the prize for best costume: a most coveted voucher from Amazon for shiny things of your choosing. As I said, it's up to you, but it's worth it! We'll probably be starting about 7.30-8.00pm ish, and feel free to turn up any time after that. Please bring nibbly things and/or alcomohols/mixers of your own choosing, there will be some here anyway, but we can't guarantee that you'll like what we've got. Everyone has different tastes afterall...

3. And Most Finally, there are still tickets available for the Yule Ball, so if you want to go, please let one of the exec know, preferably Cat, since she's the one organising this, but if you just email to this address I'll pass on the message to Cat and let her know you're interested. All the things I've said before about it still apply - Carvery dinner, cheesy music, nice people, good times, bad dancing, chocolate fountain, and all this for £30. It's on Friday the 27th of November, at the Royal Hotel (St Mary's Street) at about 8pm-ish, so if you're free and want to go, get in touch.


Some Things...

Thing One: Sorry, I'm an idiot, I should have been posting more to the comm, but I'd forgotten it was my job to do that. I fail.

Thing Two: I will now be posting the Society Emails to the lj comm as and when I've written them, because it's easier to copy/paste that stuff. Don't worry for your bandwidth, I'll put it under a cut.

Thing Three: I'll hopefully be posting a lot more things to this comm and generally poking it with sticks more often to make sure it's still up and running. Last year it was pretty busy and I'm hoping we can keep it that way.

Pretty sure that's all I wanted to say in this post, apart from does anyone have any ideas about getting the lj comm more use from the society? I'm going to be posting about the Friday Film here from now on and reminding people about Milgi, hopefully getting some response, but if anyone can think of anything cool that we can do with the lj besides chatter online like we do IRL I'd be interested to hear about it.



Where We Are & What We Do

On Mondays we meet at (the amazing) Milgi's (213 City Road, CF24 3JD) from 7:30pm onwards for general chat and to vote on what film we watch on Friday.

Friday Films normally take place in the Birt Acres lecture Theatre in the Bute Building from 6:45pm onwards. These times depend on the length of the film.

By clicking the "Where We Are & What We Do" link above you be able to see a map of Cardiff showing these locations.

If you would like to receive a weekly update with details of the Friday Film and other Sci-Fi activities such as parties and the like, please email: cardiff.scifi@gmail.com


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