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Cardiff Sci-Fi Society

Because Our Geekery Is Unabashed

Cardiff Sci-fi Soc
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The Cardiff University Society Dedicated to Science Fiction and Geekery of Every Sort
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Where We Are & What We Do

On Mondays we meet at Milgi (on City Road CF24 3JD) from 7:30pm onwards for general chat and to vote on what film we watch on Friday.

Friday Films normally take place in the Birt Acres lecture theatre in the Bute Building from 6:30pm onwards. These times depend on the length of the film.

If you would like to receive a weekly update with details of the Friday Film and other Sci-Fi activities such as parties and the like, please email: cardiff.scifi@gmail.com

The Rules of the Community

Be courteous to one another - swearing is fine, we're all adults, and you're not going to be banned for being really annoyed, but no trolling and no 'wank' bringing.

If you're posting something off topic put 'Off Topic' in the header.

If you're posting a link, don't just post the link, post a bit of explanation as to what it is, or it will be deleted. We don't necessarily trust random links.
i.e. we mean that you should post some text as well as the link.

Put any long posts behind an lj-cut. To do this use the following html code -
<.lj-cut text="This is the link to the hidden text">The Post, which is hidden behind the cut<./lj-cut> - Remove the full stops to make the coding work. Any post that contains pictures should be put behind cut too. Think of other people's bandwidth!

Fanfiction should be put behind a cut, long or not, people must be able to choose whether or not they want to read your fic. If it's highly rated or generally Not Work Safe, please also friends-lock it to the community.

We are not legally allowed to sell or trade anything on the community, so if you want to advertise that you're selling some DVDs etc, please link back to your own journal.

We are working on a 'Three Strikes' system beginning now. Mistakes made in the past can be chalked up to the fact that we did not have any actual rules laid out, so we all start off afresh... That said, if you have had an official warning about anything that still stands.

If you post an 'event' to the comm that event is open to all members. If you don't want any of the members to attend - if it's a private party, or whatever, post it on your own lj or to facebook or something. Any event that gets posted to cardiffgeekery is open to all members, so you really can't complain if someone you didn't want to turns up... Equally, if an event is posted to the community and you're not sure if you're invited, the very fact that it's on the community means that you can turn up.

Follow common sense. - If you're not sure what to do about something ask. We don't mind, really. We'd rather you asked and then you'll know for definite.
People to ask are anyone on the Committee, as follows.

President - bloodrunner666
Secretary - plum177
Treasurer - ianthegeek
IT Officer - Gwion (Who does not have an lj as far as I know)
Events Coordinator - Bex (Who also doesn't have an lj I know about)

We all have different jobs within the society, but we're all willing to answer any questions if we can, and if we can't we'll know which one of the others can. Questions that don't need to be answered immediately can be emailed to cardiff.scifi@gmail.com.