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Мамба-знакомства пермь

мамба-знакомства пермь | знакомства с парнями с 14 по 17 из иваново | секс знакомства мурома | знакомства с девушками в н новгороде | секс знакомства железногорск курской обл

Where We Are & What We Do

On Mondays we meet at (the amazing) Milgi's (213 City Road, CF24 3JD) from 7:30pm onwards for general chat and to vote on what film we watch on Friday.

Friday Films normally take place in the Birt Acres lecture Theatre in the Bute Building from 6:45pm onwards. These times depend on the length of the film.

By clicking the "Where We Are & What We Do" link above you be able to see a map of Cardiff showing these locations.

If you would like to receive a weekly update with details of the Friday Film and other Sci-Fi activities such as parties and the like, please email: cardiff.scifi@gmail.com
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